Iori – Civic


My Bro and I went to Iori for dinner on Friday night to have a chat and some good sushi.  Canberra doesn’t really have much in the way of good sushi places.  However, Iori would have to be one of the best.  It isn’t a cheap eat so the bill came to about $100 with beer.

My bro was quite hungry so he opted to have the biggest platter that they had on the menu, I can’t remember what it was called.  But here is a picture.  His platter had a crab and eel sushi, salmon sashimi, deep fried salmon skin, charred fillet of salmon, a hot pot with crab.  It was really good.  I know he enjoyed it a lot.

Big platter At Iori

Big platter At Iori

I had the smaller bento box  Makunouchi it had a variety of small entrees in a Traditional Japanese Boax containing Teriyaki Fish, Deep – fried prawns, crab claws served with rice and miso soup.  It was pretty good.

Bento Box - Iori

Overall Iori is a cute place to eat good quality Japanese food.  The staff are attentive and the service is good. As far as value for money goes, I think it was overpriced. But given that Canberra is not near the sea and that there aren’t many good Japanese restaurants here.  Iori can charge whatever it pleases.

Iori Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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